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African Americans and Biafrans are Very Interconnected

It’s been 1 year since the death of #GeorgeFloyd, one of the biggest uproar from the Black Race in United States, Africa and Worldwide. Igbo Biafrans and African Americans are very interconnected according to History and Wikipedia.

The Igbo Biafrans were affected heavily by the Atlantic slave trade in the 18th century. Enslaved Igbo were known for being rebellious and having a high count of suicide in defiance of slavery. In the United States the Igbo were most numerous in the states of Maryland (coincidentally where there is a predominant population of recent Igbo immigrants) and Virginia, so much so that some historians have denominated colonial Virginia as “Igbo land.”

With a total of 37,000 Africans that arrived in Virginia from Calabar in the 18th century, 30,000 were Igbo according to Douglas B. Chambers. The Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia estimates around 38% of captives taken to Virginia were from the Bight of Biafra. Igbo peoples constituted the majority of enslaved Africans in Maryland.

Chambers has been quoted saying “My research suggests that perhaps 60 percent of black Americans have at least one Igbo ancestor.