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BBC News Attack Indigenous People of Biafra With A Smear Campaign

The world community and different African communities are airing out their views concerning Biafran people’s demand for freedom. It’s no longer a secret that the people of Biafra are currently facing extrajudicial killings by Nigerian forces. 

Biafran People

According to reports from communities and public figures within the southeast region, the Nigerian government are staging random killings and pinning it to Indigenous People of Biafra to give them bad name in order to stop their quest for self-determination. 

BBC News Headquarters

There’s always been a sense of silence by the British government and BBC News, regarding the atrocities that’s being committed against Biafran people in Nigeria. On May 12th, 2022, BBC News came out with a smear campaign attack against Indigenous People of Biafra. Below are what Critics are saying about the BBC News smear campaign

“BBC News is inciting violence and another Biafra Nigeria civil war” 

“Why BBC attacking people who’s advocating for Biafra freedom?”

“BBC reporting Biafran people’s account to censor their voice”

“BBC is after Biafra media Journalists”

Another quote against Biafran People by former British prime minister, Harold Wilson, that millions have condemned and deemed distasteful, envious, hateful and demonizing are below

“The dead bodies of half a million Biafrans will not force the British to change her policies concerning the Nigerian civil war, The Biafra nation cannot be allowed to be, for we do not trust what they will become with their vast resources around the Russians or French”.

– Harold Wilson, UK Former Prime Minister

Many are convinced that the quote from Harold Wilson is what the UK government are carrying out today against Biafran People, through the Fulani government of Nigeria. 

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