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Free Biafra and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu – Robert Bruce Spencer

American author, Robert Bruce Spencer took to his Twitter and tweeted

#FreeBiafra #FreeMaziNnamdiKanu

About Robert Bruce Spencer?

Robert Bruce Spencer is an American author and blogger, and one of the key figures of the counter-jihad movement. His published books include two New York Times bestsellers.

In 2003 he founded and has since directed a blog that tracks what he considers Islamic extremism, known as Jihad Watch. He co-founded the anti-Muslim group Stop Islamization of America with blogger and far-right conspiracy theorist Pamela Geller. Reports that two of Spencer’s books were listed in FBI training materials and that he had given seminars to various law enforcement units in the United States stirred controversy.He has frequently appeared on Fox News.In 2013 the UK Home Office barred Spencer from travel to the UK for three to five years for “making statements that may foster hatred that might lead to inter-community violence”.

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