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Israelites of West Africa “Igbo Biafrans”

The Igbo Biafrans are One of Largest Ethnic Groups in West Africa with Population Estimates Ranging from 70 to 75 Million

A popular version of the History holds that Gad, the Seventh Son of Jacob, had three sons who settled in southeastern side of the country known now as Nigeria, which is predominantly inhabited by the Igbo. Those sons, Eri, Arodi and Areli (As Mentioned in the Book of Genesis), are said to have fathered clans, established kingdoms and founded towns still in existence in southeastern Nigeria today, including Owerri, Umuleri, Arochukwu and Aguleri.

The Star of David had already been in use in Nigeria during the British rule because of the Igbo Jews who were featured on coins of the British West African pound. 

The Star of David

This was confirmed in the 1917 discovery of a bronze Star of David attributed to the Igbo Jews in Aguleri. 

“It was a symbol of the unification of Nigeria and because of the Seal of Solomon which was associated with the native Igbo Jews. – Frederick Lugard