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Kal Afrorock Advocates for Biafran Youths

“Strengthening our #Voices and defense on #HateCrime against Biafrans in Nigeria is one of the Top priorities.We’re stepping into the World stage.We will no longer be silenced or accept anymore #HumanRightsViolation against Biafrans. We’re issuing Zero tolerance. Nigeria nearly got away with the Genocide of over 5 million Black African people of #Biafra in 1967. These ongoing hate attacks and abduction of Biafrans is systemic and poses another Major #Threat to our existence. We’ll NEVER EVER allow Nigeria to commit another 1967 on Us again.We’re going to the fullest extent to protect and defend ourselves by any means necessary.Millions of Biafran Youths and I are also calling on you good citizens of the world and here in United States of America, to join us and condemn this obsessive hatred towards Biafrans in Nigeria.Together We can #StopBiafranHate – Kal Afrorock