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Kal Afrorock New Album to be released April 28th

On Friday 21st 2023, Kal Afrorock took to social media and announced that his first album release will debut this April on 28th. 

“Sometimes Things Fall Apart in order for Things to Fall Into Place. – Kal Afrororck

“Today, I would like to highlight the importance of being open minded and respecting each other’s differences, culture and traditional values. 

Over the past few years of my assignment in Nigeria, I was able to obtain the Authentic FACTS among Igbo People, Yoruba People, Hausa People and every Tribe residing in Nigeria. 

My 1st album THINGS FALL INTO PLACE is finally here, April 28. Pre-save/Preorder…

I appreciate all the love and support from everyone, especially my Team Members, Music Engineers, photographer, Visual Arts Stylist and Pan African Connection. Love y’all and Thank you.”