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Kal Afrorock Tell Binta Nyako and Malami, NO Secret Trial of Our IGBO Brother Nnamdi Kanu

United States–April. 8, 2022– Founder of BYTV and Biafran Youths platform, Kal Afrorock, said that Nnamdi Kanu cannot be trailed in secret, we don’t accept jungle law. The message was directed to the Federal high court judge, Binta Nyako and Abubakar Malami.

“Binta Nyako and Malami, NO Secret Trial of our IGBO brother Nnamdi Kanu. We don’t accept jungle law, we only recognize transparency and modern day Rule of law. #FreeNnamdiKanu #FreeBiafra” Says Kal Afrorock

About Binta Nyako and Abubakar Malami ?

Left is Abubakar Malami and Right is Binta Nyako

Binta Nyako, is a Federal high court judge from Katsina State and Abubakar Malami is the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice.

About BYTV?

Watch Kal Afrorock Speak on Nigerian army Invasion of Biafran People’s homes and killings of IGBO people. Biafran People are demanding for a Referendum to leave Nigeria due to an orchestrated plan by Fulani led government of Nigeria, to subdue and take over Biafran territory.