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Muhammau Buhari Overseeing Genocide of Christians and IGBO Jews – Dumisani Washington

American Founder of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel, Dumisani Washington, took to his Twitter and called Muhammadu Buhari out for overseeing a genocide of Christians and #IGBO Jews.

About Dumisani Washington?

Dumisani Washington is the Founder and CEO of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel (IBSI). He is also the former Diversity Outreach Coordinator for the over 10-million-member Christians United for Israel (CUFI), having served at CUFI nearly seven years. Dumisani is a pastor, professional musician—graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music—and author whose latest book is the second edition of Zionism & the Black Church: Why Standing with Israel Will be a Defining Issue for Christians of Color in the 21st Century, © 2021 by Umndeni Press.

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