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New Single “Rise” from Kal Afrorock Celebrated by Supporters and Fans for Sultry Afro Rock Vibe

United States—Feb. 22, 2021—Today, Kal Afrorock announced the release of his new single, “Rise,” an anthem of conscience and community change. Kal Afrorock identifies as an Igbo Biafran American singer stressing the culture which inspires his songwriting and record production styles. Raised in Washington D.C., he is known as the first Igbo Rock, Alternative, Hip Hop and R&B artist in America. Afrorock is a musician known for his sultry voice that melds a melodic flow with his special talent of delivering powerful lyrics with meaning. His music styles and songs are loved by fans all over the world. Fans speak to how much his music touches them as it “pierces through their soul whenever they listen.”

“Over the past few years, I have collaborated and worked with amazing artists on several cool projects including Will Smith, Biz Markie and Mya,” said Afrorock. “I try to bring my true self into the production process and feel that deep ancestral connections with my African roots and culture speak to fellow musicians and producers.”

The Igbo Biafran American has a reputation among his peers as an inspirational talent who has worked with top global artists in the music industry. He produces soulful songs that encourage liberty. Artists are sensitive to authenticity, and Afrorock’s sessions with creatives have all been life changing. Artists are mesmerized when working with Kal, many of whom have made a point of praising their creative experiences with him and hope for the possibility of working on projects together in the future.

In 2003, Kal worked with American Hip-Hop Legend Biz Markie on his “Weekend Warrior” album. Kal Afrorock went solo in 2006, yet managed to make time to produce other artists including King Los who was signed by Sean “Puffy” “Diddy” Combs and RCA Records. Also in 2006 Afrorock teamed with Will Smith and Omarr Rambert producing for K. Smith, the nephew of Will Smith. In 2007 Kal collaborated with Grammy Award winning artist Mya, for whom he produced and wrote a number of noteworthy songs.

Kal Afrorock is also an activist and contributes his musical talent and creativity to raise awareness of the need for the liberation of Biafra and the Igbo people of Nigeria.

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