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What Harold Wilson Said About Biafra Sounds Hateful and Envious, Kal Afrorock Tells Boris Johnson

On Tuesday 17th, 2022, Kal Afrorock took to social media to confront what he called ‘Hateful and Envious’ words by late United Kingdom former Prime Minister, Harold Wilson. The message was directed to UK current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, regarding Biafran People.

According to what the IGBO Biafran American, Kal Afrorock posted:

“Harold Wilson said the Dead bodies of half a million of Biafran people will not change UK government mind to help Biafra stand as a nation. But the same UK is doing everything for Ukraine to stand, with less causalities than what Biafrans experienced.” 

“Harold Wilson also said Biafra Nation cannot be allowed to stand because they don’t trust what we’ll become with our own resources.”

“Now my question to you Boris Johnson in this New century is, does UK of today agrees with Harold Wilson mindset? If not, then expect Biafra Exit from Biafran people through referendum. I know my people well, especially the youths, they’re done with Nigeria.” 

The full quote of what Harold Wilson said about Biafra:

“The dead bodies of half a million Biafrans will not force the British to change her policies concerning the Nigerian civil war, The Biafra nation cannot be allowed to be, for we do not trust what they will become with their vast resources around the Russians or French.”

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Harold Wilson