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Wicked Politicians Are The Sponsors of Killings In Orlu, Not IPOB – Hope Uzodimma

Governor of Imo state, Hope Uzodimma said that wicked politicians are behind killings in orlu not IPOB

On Easter Sunday 17th 2022, an eye witness captured Nigerian military on camera shooting and murdering Igbo youths in Orlu, Imo state.

Right after the incident, some Nigerians who are anti-Biafra freedom, were spewing hateful words towards Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Eastern Security Network (ESN), putting the blame on IPOB and ESN. 

However, the Orlu Imo state governor Hope Uzodimma, came out and issued a statement saying that

“If any body tells you that IPOB is the one killing people in Orlu zone, it is not correct, wicked politicians are sponsoring the killings in Orlu”.

Anti-Igbo semitism that led to murdering of over 5 million Igbo Biafrans during the Biafra and Nigeria Civil War still exist. Some Nigerians are currently spewing hateful words against Igbo Biafran people.